Founding Trainer

  • Averages 25-30k steps on her fitbit
  • Was a competitive eater in her past life
  • Rotates her knuckles down on punches for that knock out shot

“I train so I can eat”

Well known by her moniker, Lovage, is one of Singapore’s renowned illustrators, do not be fooled by her athletic physique. If there’s anyone that can make going to a buffet worthwhile, it’s Tiffany Tan. Having been active from young, with years of frisbee and softball training under her belt. She started boxing in 2014 and has since been extremely passionate for both boxing and muay thai, training up to 4 hours a day. Her appetite for a good workout comes hand in hand with her love for food, the one person you can rely on to make your money’s worth at an all you can eat buffet.

Attend Tiffany’s class and get ready for a serious sweat fest that will leave you hungry for more, and well, just hungry!