Founding Trainer

  • Has more cut than a B grade movie
  • Afraid of butterflies
  • Is as mean on the BBQ as he is on the bag

This cheerful jester has his hand dipped into a few cookie jars. He is also a proficient barista and teaches HIIT classes at another studio. He loves the UFC and that interest sparked his boxing instructor career. Paired with a keen ear for music Sam was the creator of Beatdown, our box to the beat cardio heavy class.

He started working out 9 years ago to look good and found himself on a path of wellness and fitness (heard of terms like IF and Keto? Sam has done them all). While keeping a close eye on food and nutrition, he learned his way around the kitchen and incidentally learned to whip up a feast. So if you are planning a post-workout meal feel free to hit him up after a session for ideas/recipes.

Ladies, beware of that knockout smile.