• Is comfortable in both orthodox and southpaw stances
  • Loves a hard work out. Trembles guaranteed.
  • Ben and Jerry’s is the ‘core’ of his existence

Saf was always fascinated by the brain and could also never stay still. Right now he’s training to be a counseling psychologist by day and a boxing instructor by night. His impressive history of sports and activities finally saw him through to his love for combat sports. Being fully dedicated to boxing and Muay Thai for close to 4 years now, he is still in awe of the intricate technicalities and is always eager to absorb more from the realm of combat sports.

Having fought not just competitions but obesity too, he knows the fight and will see you through yours even when you think it’s time to give up.

Saf is both brawns and brains either way he’s about to dish out some therapy!