Founding Trainer

  • Throws a back uppercut that could lift your spirits
  • Hikes the back trails of Mandai/CCK … for fun
  • Aka DARMAXX cos he takes it to the top

This beast has a love for trekking that comes from a fascination of getting lost in the wild, one day hoping to scale a 7000m-mountain giant to achieve his version of nirvana. He’s our version of a giant, big in stature big at heart. His competitive spirit comes from a history of rugby, basketball and track; his true love boxing is evident in his daily 6am grind. Darma currently trains to compete in local bouts and will be stepping into the ring in the later part of the year. With a base tune of Hip-Hop, he’ll help you brush up on the fundamentals and push your limits.

He walks the talk and will take you on a ride on the wild side.