Founding Trainer

  • Signature war cry ‘Tup Tuptup Tup’
  • Speaks the Queen’s but can order from a hawker like a local (extra chilli hor!)
  • Thought her real name was Pudding up till the age of 7, still responds when pudding is called

Born in the UK, but raised on the sunny island, Barbara is a Singapore based TV presenter, performer and event host. Despite starting out in the industry at the age of 17, sports and staying active has always been a strong interest. Since the age of 6, she has dabbled in the likes of Karate, rock climbing, netball, canoeing and pole dancing. Her curious appetite has since led her to picking up boxing as part of her fitness regime and not to mention, a great stress reliever!

On the days she isn’t busy hosting or training, you will probably find Barbara clad in a bikini, sipping on her favourite Elderflower martini but don’t let her English charm fool you, Barbs has a mean left hook and she’ll have anyone sipping tea out of a tube.