Good for beginners, all levels welcome.

Our 50 minutes signature fundamentals class is heavily focused on the technicalities of boxing, incorporating traditional boxing drills with a new age approach. We believe in good basics so whether you’re an AM or the Great Ali, proper form, punch technique and flawless foot work is always a must. Master and perfect realistic combinations and defensive movements with bodyweight exercises in between rounds to keep you pumped.

First half of the class includes shadowboxing drill rounds, allowing you to perfect your craft  while the instructor pays close attention to how you execute punches and corrects form.  Second half of the class includes paired bag drills because good things should be shared.

Disclaimer: May cause pains and aches, good experience guaranteed.
12 rounds, 2 fists, 1 hell of a good time.


Some boxing experience and fitness encouraged.

Our 50 minutes signature burnout class aims for maximum output. It replicates a full 12-round championship bout with high intensity music that isn’t for the faint of heart. You’ll spend half the time banging out combos on our bags and the other half smashing reps and sets. It’s a tough fight mentally and physically, but we’ve got your corner so you can go the distance.  This class is split into 2 each corners which will then switch. Positions of (B)ag or (F)loor indicate starting exercise, and the workout will include both sides.

RED CORNER: You’ll get your own bag, boxing combinations with the focus of the week.
BLUE CORNER: Exercises in an EMOM* format. Targeted at a specific body part to ensure maximum output and maximum gains.

*EMOM : Every Minute On the Minute:
A set of exercises to be completed every minute. The faster you complete it the longer you rest.


Overthrow the champ, be the champ. Will you go the distance?


Some boxing experience encouraged.

A 40 minute high intensity class with banging beats and blazing punches. We’ve taken real combinations and paired them with sick tunes to curate our very own box to the beat program. It’s an all bag tempo and endurance work out, you vs the bag for a full 10 rounds.

Hands up chins down, it’s time to lay the beatdown!


All levels welcome, no experience needed.

45 mins of heart pumping, fist bumping full body conditioning. Set your gloves aside but not that drive. SweetSweat is our newest class that takes you back to the basics of functional fitness, making it a perfect compliment to your usual boxing routine. Incorporating strength, speed and power movements to sharpen your iron resulting in a harder, faster punching machine.