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1. Be early, not on time

Make sure you arrive 30 mins early before class and bring along your workout gear, gym shoes and water. We provide complimentary glove rental, clean towels, lockers and shower amenities in our studio. Boxing hand wraps are compulsory so feel free to bring your own, or we can hook you up before class! Late-comers will be turned away respectfully.

2. Gear up for class

Get changed if you need to, and let our staff know early if you need help with wrapping your hands and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

3. All good to go

A mandatory introduction (Undercard classes only) for first-timers begins 15 mins before the scheduled class start time and will give newbies the lowdown on all they need to know to get started. Take what you need for class- grab your gloves, water bottles and sweat towels with you and leave all phones outside.

4. Enjoy the class

Our workouts are carefully designed to allow everyone to go hard at their own pace, so whether you’re new to working out or a seasoned veteran, everyone can enjoy the benefits of what boxing has to offer your mind and body.

No boxing experience?

We recommend our first time punchers to start with 2-3 ‘UNDERCARD’ classes that is technique based and will be sure to help you get familiar with your basic stance, form and punches.

New to the Uppercut experience but have some boxing background?

You will find the classes physically challenging and our program responsive to those seeking advanced combos or techniques.  We teach real boxing movement and can adjust to beginner, through advanced members in the class.


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