Uppercut is a boutique boxing studio that combines workout, music and lifestyle elements all in one centrally located space. There’s no reinventing the wheel here- staying true to classic boxing, we’ve added a touch of new flavors that would be sure to pack a punch. From curious first-timers to veteran boxers, anyone can enjoy the technically precise, cardio heavy sessions.

We break down the anatomies of traditional boxing and distill technique-driven skills, pairing them with high-intensity group workouts for complete physical conditioning. We’re a non-combat studio, which means, it’s all about mastering boxing’s skills and movements, without getting socked in the face. It’s no hit, with a lot of HIIT.

No pricey memberships, zero lock-downs, we seek to become an adaptable component of people’s lives. Respecting the need for flexibility, we’ve got a series of pricing options and a room full of good vibes!